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On the outside of the casket were stylised images of deer and snow leopards carved in leather.Six horses wearing elaborate harnesses had been sacrificed and lay on the logs which formed the roof of the burial chamber.Struck by the similarities between Ötzi the Iceman and these Caucasoid mummies, Sinologist, Victor Mair, remarked, "These guys out in the Tarim (Basin) are just like him - one's in ice and the others are in sand." These were Indo-European people, ancient Aryans, cousins of the Celts and Scythians, a branch of the family that controlled the Silk Road to Europe from 2500 BC to 400 BC.They influenced cultures as far as Japan, spreading their Caucasoid tattoo culture to the ancestors of Japan's indigenous Ainu.The tombs are of Scythian type, an ancient Indo-European people of horse-riding nomadic pastoralists that is known to have dominated the Pontic-Caspian steppe throughout Classical Antiquity.Although some scholars sought to connect the Pazyryk nomads with modern-day ethnic groups of the Altay, Rudenko summed up the cultural context: "All that is known to us at the present time about the culture of the population of the High Altay, who have left behind them the large cairns, permits us to refer them to the Scythian period, and the Pazyryk group in particular to the fifth century BCE.Her body was covered with vivid blue tattoos of mythical animal figures.

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Italian geneticist, Paolo Francalacci, tested the DNA of a few of the mummies and found two of them to be related to modern-day Swedes, Finns, Tuscans, Corsicans, and Sardinians.The Siberian Ice Maiden, discovered in the Pastures of Heaven, on the high Steppes, is believed to have been a shamaness of the lost Pazyryk culture.She had been mummified and then frozen by freak climatic conditions around 2400 years ago, along with six decorated horses and a symbolic meal for her last journey.According to this excerpt collected by Don Hitchcock, a well-traveled seeker of Archaeological knowledge: "Under the guidance of renowned archaeologist Otto Nikolaevich Bader (Institute of Archaeology of the USSR), for 20 years field and desk work was carried out.In the laboratories of the Geological Institute of RAS, Gronningena universities, Oxford and Arizona the findings have been investigated, including radiocarbon analysis, the results of which indicate that the settlement Sungir existed sometime between 20 thousand to 29 thousand years ago." Interesting it seems that the knowledge was shared with archaeologists outside of the Soviet Union, but to me that seems to further indicate the bonds all archaeologists share even against persecution, that of the desire to examine the past. Well, the burial remains found were truly extraordinarily.

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Have you ever encountered an issue in which you are prompted to log-in multiple times when connecting your account to Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2013 in your Windows 10 computer? Read on to learn why these problems occur on your Windows 10 Outlook 2016 and what needs to be done in order to fix them.

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