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Their identity is being damaged one put-down at a time; their life is diminishing one line at a time; they live in fear of the next put-down and feel powerless to do anything about it.So if YOU are the one delivering put-downs to a loved one, a friend or a co-worker, let me be clear.We all know that the tech industry has a major problem with gender imbalance, and we may have all whined over the years that Seattle is a tough town for singles.But I don’t believe those things are the root cause of Jeff’s dating frustrations, especially when it comes to online dating.I guess the biggest difference from coaching to now is that I can be out here – in this restaurant – and no one is going to bother us. There's normality." fficially, January 5, 2007 is the day that Bill Cowher decided to step down as the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.I can walk up and down New York, go shopping, go to Food Emporium, Grace's. After an 8-8 season and no trip to the playoffs – for only the fifth time in his 15-year tenure – Cowher called it quits.Editor’s Note: On Monday, we wrote about entrepreneur Jeff Reifman’s contention that is ruining the dating scene in Seattle for straight men, by hiring a disproportionate number of men in the city.We asked Virginia Roberts, an online dating coach and former Amazon employee, to share her thoughts on the situation.

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Distraction in the smartphone age goes well beyond online dating, with every push notification or incoming email.

These rookies write crappy profiles, post lame bathroom mirror selfies, and blast out tons of poorly composed one-liners instead of taking time to thoughtfully message a few great connections.

Lazy behaviors worsen the overall online dating experience, teaching singles that dating sites are full of losers who waste their time.

It’s to not only show such a fundamental lack of respect, but to deliver words that consistently damage another individual just so that you can feel better about yourself for a moment.

See, the tragedy is that if you’re told enough times that you’re not good enough sooner or later you’ll start to believe it, especially if the someone who’s telling you you’re not good enough is someone you care about or love.

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Every Slavic woman keeps a great wisdom and sense of femininity accumulated by all women of her family.

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” Then you could go into a little detail about who wrote your profile.

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It’s your choice to take them or leave them as they are, but it’s less work getting to know the ends and outs of a familiar love.