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Spore-borne life spreads quickly, torn apart in the storms to sprout again and again.

In the first years, higher animals may poke their snouts from deepnesses, may try to gain advantage with an early taking of territory, but it is a deadly business.

In the early years, it had simply been encrypted queries hidden in radio broadcasts. There were clues, interviews with The Man's fellow-travelers, pointers in a half-dozen contradictory directions: The Man was alone now and heading still farther away; The Man had died before the search ever began; The Man had a war fleet and was coming back upon them.

With time, there was some consistency to the most credible stories.

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The "birth of the new world" is so violent that the metaphor is strained. And yet, after the third or fourth year, there are occasional breaks in the storms.

Avalanches and steam surges become rare, and plants can survive from year to year.

Hill, Eric Hughes, Sharon Jarvis, Yoji Kondo, Cherie Kushner, Tim May, Keith Mayers, Mary Q. This novel takes place thousands of years from now.

To Poul Anderson, In learning to write science fiction, I have had many great models, but Poul Anderson's work has meant more to me than any other.

Beyond that, Poul has provided me and the world with an enormous treasure of wonderful, entertaining stories—and he continues to do so. I am grateful for the advice and help of: Robert Cademy, John Carroll, Howard L.

It differs from other relationships in that we are both there to focus on your needs: you never have to take turns or worry about my feelings.

I have worked with clients on the Internet by chat and email since the year 2000.

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A short time later, the branchers fledge from their nest site and become fledglings.

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